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LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Practice

Inclusivity, respect, and sensitivity are foundational principles at Melbourne Psychology House. Whether you are exploring your sexuality, questioning your gender identity, navigating relationships, or seeking support for trauma, our therapists are here to help. We aim to promote self-discovery and acceptance, address mental health concerns, and assist with the unique challenges you face as someone within the LGBTQIA+ community.


Our LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Therapy Services


We offer a wide range of affirmative therapy services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the LGBTQIA+ community:

  • Sexuality and Gender Exploration: Providing guidance and support for individuals exploring their sexuality and/or gender identity. This process can involve discussing feelings, experiences, and conflicts arising from societal expectations or discrimination.

  • Coming Out Support: Assisting clients during the coming-out process, including navigating family dynamics, friends, colleagues, and personal identity development.

  • Trans and Gender Diverse Issues: Addressing the unique challenges and experiences of transgender and gender-diverse individuals.

  • Difficulties at Work or School/University: Supporting clients facing discrimination, bullying, or challenges related to their LGBTQIA+ identity in professional or academic settings.

  • Bullying: Helping individuals cope with bullying and harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Family Dynamics: Assisting with family separation, family reunification, and navigating family or intimate relationships.

  • Trauma-Informed Care: Supporting individuals who have experienced trauma related to family violence, sexual violence, or lateral violence within the LGBTQIA+ community (e.g. violence against LGBTQIA+ people by other LGBTQIA+ people).


Inclusivity and Acceptance


Our therapists are trained to provide a safe, non-judgmental space where all aspects of your identity are respected. We are kink-friendly, poly-friendly, and sex work positive, ensuring that our clinic is welcoming to diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and lifestyle choices. With experience in LGBTQIA+ affirmative practice, our team is committed to providing culturally competent care.


Book Your Appointment


Take the first step towards improved well-being and personal growth by scheduling an appointment. Whether you are seeking therapy for yourself, your relationship, or your family, we are here to accompany you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

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