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Therapy for Teens

Navigating adolescence can be a challenging journey filled with transitions, uncertainties, and emotional ups and downs. At Melbourne Psychology House, we recognise the unique pressures and complexities teenagers face today. Our dedicated therapists provide a safe and supportive space where teens can express themselves freely and work through their challenges with compassion and understanding,  without fear of judgment or repercussions. Whether facing school stress, social pressures, family conflicts, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, or navigating identity and relationships, therapy provides a valuable outlet and support system.


Common Problems Experienced by Teens

  • Emotional challenges: anxiety, depression, anger issues, or mood swings.

  • Behavioural issues: defiance, substance use, or self-harm.

  • Academic pressures:performance anxiety or perfectionism.

  • Family dynamics: navigating parental divorce, conflict, or communication breakdown.

  • Social challenges: bullying, peer pressure, or social anxiety.


How Therapy Can Help


  • Building Coping Skills: Teaching effective strategies to manage stress, regulate emotions, and navigate challenges.

  • Improving Communication: Enhancing communication skills to express thoughts and feelings constructively.

  • Promoting Self-Discovery: Exploring identity, values, and personal strengths to foster confidence and self-awareness.

  • Supporting Mental Health: Addressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns 


Therapy for Teens


We specialise in evidence-based therapies tailored for teenagers, including:

  • Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP): Focuses on resolving emotional conflicts and improving emotional regulation, helping teens achieve deeper insight and lasting change.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Targets negative thought patterns and behaviours, equipping teens with practical skills to challenge and reframe unhelpful beliefs, manage anxiety, and improve mood.

If you're a teenager seeking support or a parent looking to help your child thrive, we invite you to schedule a therapy session. Our caring therapists are dedicated to helping teenagers navigate challenges, build resilience, and achieve greater well-being.

Make An Appointment

We  welcome you to contact us to schedule an appointment, inquire about our services, or see if we are suitable for you. 

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