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Anger Management

Anger is a natural healthy emotion that arises in response to perceived threats, injustices, or frustrations. It can serve as a powerful motivator for change and self-protection. However, the way anger is expressed can cause problems. When anger is expressed inappropriately or with high anxiety, it can have negative consequences for both the individual experiencing anger and those around them. Anger can either go ‘inwards’ in self attack and depression, or ‘outwards’ in uncontrolled verbal or even physical explosions.

Difficulties with anger often stem from childhood where unhealthy expressions of anger can be modelled to children at home or at school. Children may grow up without the opportunity to learn how to recognise and handle their own feelings of anger. This can lead to destructive ways of responding to anger as adults. 

Anger management focuses on understanding anger, its triggers, and the physical signs associated with it. It also involves identifying distorted thought patterns associated with it, and developing constructive coping strategies. The aim is to reduce one’s explosive behaviour or aggressive tendencies, and then use anger in a healthy way to set boundaries in relationships, make changes in life, and reduce stress. 


Seeking help can be beneficial for individuals struggling to navigate and regulate their anger in a way that promotes positive communication and relationships. Ultimately, a healthy approach to anger involves acknowledging and expressing anger in ways that contribute to personal growth and positive interpersonal dynamics. Click here to start your journey with us and book your first appointment. 

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