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We can all feel sad, irritable and flat from time to time, however some people experience these feelings intensely and for long periods of time (weeks, months or years). Depression is a collection of symptoms - it is often defined by chronic self-punishment, self-loathing, a sense of feeling guilty and ashamed, and loss of interest in life. When people are depressed, they often experience a sense that don't deserve good things in life, and consequently can treat themselves poorly and without meaning to, can invite others to do so too. Depression can also include physical symptoms including fatigue, changes in appetite, difficulty concentrating, and sleep disruptions. 


The cause of depression can be multifaceted - it can be explained by biological, genetic, environmental and psychological reasons. We often understand depression to be the result of “anger turned inwards.”  People experiencing depression often find it difficult to recognise, face and express anger towards those who are close to them, and often avoid this anxiety provoking feeling by turning it inwards. For individuals like this, they often learnt from a young age that their caretakers could not tolerate their anger, and so to avoid upsetting their caretaker, they learnt to cover up their anger by turning it inwards. This can then become a habitual way of dealing with anger, which can lead to chronic depression.


The ultimate goal of therapy will be to help client's see this pattern of internalised anger and build their capacity to tolerate their anger outside of themselves, so they no longer need to turn their feelings inwards. Click here to start your journey with us and book your first appointment. 

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